This project first started out as a test chart for different settings before "Finding Neverland", but grove into something on it´s own pretty quick. "While We Were Here" involves even longer exposures, often with a moving camera/subjects that rarely catches all in focus. This eventually evolved into three sub-groups; Leaving on a Monday, Don´t Forget the Milk and finally a sub-group that uses the same name as the whole project; W.W.W.H (short for While We Were Here) . Through W.W.W.H I´ve tried to collect the candid scenes from our daily life, scenes that we all experience in one way or another, but never get to think or reflect about. I´ve tried to dismantle these moments, not by freezing the time completely, but rather giving it some space to render it self. Sometimes it´s easy to see what´s going on, while other times it´s more abstract. Can you find the stories behind the photos?


About commuting.


About shopping.


About everything else.