Here you find a selection of candid photos made between 2017-2018 as I was working on a school/after-school centre somewhere in Sweden. My main object was to show their parents and relatives how the world might look during the hours that their children spent away from home, also to give the people on the pictures some frozen moments to hold on to as they´removing forward. It was also important to me to be able to share some of these moments with all of you, without the risk of exposing any of the people involved. My decision to use a slower shutter setting is based on many thoughts on how I apprehended the environment, talks with the children and my own childhood as I remember it.
On how quickly we´re sometimes are forced to grow up, butalso on the opposite; on how the time some days just slows down and you never seems to reach the right number or age, no matter on how many times you ask or how much you scream.